Top 3 Legitimate Survey Sites That Pay Money in 2019


When it comes to online survey companies, some just are terrible. They will send you constant spam emails, sell your information, and pay you in gift cards and not in cash.

That’s why I have mixed feeling towards personal finance sites that list a ton of different survey sites. They typically tell you to sign up for all them so in return they get a commission from all of them, knowing that all the survey companies they posted are trash.

However, I have personally gone through every single survey company online and narrowed it down to the top 3 survey sites based on criteria like survey payouts, frequency of survey, etc.

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How To Make $10,000 A Month with E-commerce Experience


If you have experience with building your own E-commerce business you can use that to your advantage and do it for other people that do not want to deal with the long hours it takes to build them. This is more so generic how to make money online and the three different routes that you can use.

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πŸ’°10 Things to Sell Around Your Home To Make Extra MoneyπŸ’°


If this is your first time here, I’d like to welcome you to my post about how to make money by selling items/products around your home!

The average person usually has many extra stuff in their life. They usually have a lot clothes they don’t wear anymore, old electronics that they do not use anymore, books they’re never going to read again, furniture that is collecting dust in the garage, and more.

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7 Easy Steps to Saving Money


Usually the hardest part about saving money is getting started. In many cases it hard to figure out the easiest way to save money and how to use your saving to pursue your financial goals. In this blog we’re going to be discusses exactly step by step on money saving habits that can help you in the future.

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How To Set Up A Shopify Store For Beginners


Welcome to the step-by-stepΒ Shopify beginners tutorial!Β 

This is going to be a tutorial that is very detailed on how toΒ set up a fully functional Shopify Store that’s ready to make sales under an hour. If you’re serious about learning it put all your distraction aside for the next hour and let’s begin to work πŸ™‚

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4 Unhealthy Habits That Will Hurt Your Health and Cost Money


So when it comes to unhealthy habits, I am sure many things come to mind. Many people don’t realize or want to believe unhealthy habits may hurting their health, but they also may be costing them money.

Everyone has or at some point encountered an unhealthy habit they were engaged in and they knew they were wasting their money from that bad habit.

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5 Money Saving Shopping Apps


We know shopping online and at the stores can be fun. There’s always billions of dollars of money that is spent on items we do and don’t need. We buy items because they make us happy for the time being or for weeks to come. Sometimes we tend to regret how much money we spent on our shopping spree. Thankfully, there are apps that can put the money right back in our wallets and make us feel less guilty. Β 

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